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Our goal at 1.2 Labs is to democratize investing and trading, and to give the "average Joe" the same tools and strategies used by hedge funds (especially our own hedge fund 1.2 Capital).

If you want to go further, we suggest checking out our strategies and related paid subscriptions, but if you're not ready yet, you'll find a lot of value with the following free resources:

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Trading Bubbles

[Free PDF ebook]

If you want to learn how to trade crypto and other volatile assets from scratch, this is the best place to start !

In this value-packed, 86 pages ebook, we'll teach you the basic logic on which all our strategies are based.

In this guide, you'll learn, among many other things:

  • Why Warren Buffett is terrible at picking tech stocks (and how to profit from that)
  • Why "chart reading", and resistance analysis, is one of the most dangerous thing you can do as a trader...
  • The standard advice for investing and trading is “buy low and sell high.” But there’s a much better idea out there...
  • Am I too late for this Bubble? A 3-steps method for late-start trades...
  • 2 improvement to Dollar Cost Averaging for higher returns and less fall...
  • What to do when you’re late to exit a crash?
  • The simple strategy that does 3 times better than HODLing in a bear run

The "Bubble Bulletin"

[Free newsletter : 1 value-packed email every sundays]

The Bubble Bulletin is our weekly investing and trading newsletter. Here's what you'll get, directly into your inbox, every Sundays:

  • Our latest ideas and strategies for trading and investing in volatile assets
  • An analysis of the key features affecting the macroeconomy that week
  • Our proprietary AI Sentiment Analysis for key trading sectors (Cryptos, Tech, Commodities, Cannabis, etc.)
  • Occasional freebies, airdrops, and member's special discounts
  • Receive a free copy of our report, "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Trading Bubbles" [instant download], as a welcome gift

Bubble Trading Community on Discord

[Discord Group]

In the fast-paced world of crypto and other bubbly assets, nothing beats frequent updates and a community's watchful eyes...

Our free 1.2 Labs Discord group is the place to be to discuss the latest news in the crypto-world, get help, avoid scams, discover new interesting projects, ask questions, etc.

Some channels are reserved to our paid subscribers, but most of them are free to access.

"The Art Of The Bubble" series

[16 lessons as blog posts]

This is where it all started, when 1.2 Labs was still named "The Art Of The Bubble"...

In the 16 lessons of this blog post series, we explore the strategic basis to our investment approach, to teach you how to trade bubble rationally, with many examples from crypto and the stock market.

Read on, starting with lesson #1 below:

"The Art Of Portfolio Optimization" series

[6 lessons as blog posts]

If you've already read "The Absolute Beginner's Guide" and our "The Art Of The Bubble" series and want to go further, this new blog post series is for you !

In it, we'll cover portfolio optimization, including topics such as : the secret to 10x outperformance over Bitcoin, how to make money in all crypto seasons, the dumbest way to improve your investments, and strategic diversification.

What do do now?

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