Top 10 Most Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency

August 28, 2022

It’s been over thirteen years since Cryptocurrencies came into existence. The industry has evolved from Bitcoins initial white paper to what is currently in the market which consists of hundreds of cryptocurrencies and projects. Global adaptation is certainly underway. Understanding cryptocurrencies and their functionality is important. Equally important for the industry is to know what the masses are asking on the web as this can help expedite mass adaptation. Cointelegraph dug deep into the web to find out the most Googled questions about Cryptocurrencies – 

  • The top 3 Google related questions regarding cryptocurrencies tell us a few things. One most people don’t know what cryptocurrencies are and two there is growing demand to invest in cryptocurrencies. 
  • Another interesting finding  is the “Why?” questions. “Why is crypto crashing?” and “why is crypto down?” Even crypto experts have a hard time answering this.  Knowing cryptocurrencies’ weaknesses and what makes them crash can help investors make better decisions. Again, it’s not surprising that people are googling these questions. Especially in the existing bear market.
  • There are a few questions that go beyond entry-level. I’m referring to the “What is crypto mining?”, “How to create a cryptocurrency?” and “How to trade cryptocurrency?” questions. In order to ask these questions you probably have a high level understanding of what cryptocurrencies. This means that people are going above the entry-level threshold and want to know more specifics. 

In conclusion, the top 10 questions confirm that there is a growing curiosity among the masses to self-educate. It also confirms that cryptocurrencies are growing mainstream and that there is demand for anything that can ease the learning curve. With the industry rapidly evolving these questions help both the experts and the newcomers to not only improve the ecosystem but also by narrowing down on what the masses consider are the “important questions to ask” about the industry. Will be interesting to see what these questions are in a few years. We’ll do our best to keep you posted! 

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