Why TON is The World’s Top SoFi Coin

Telegram’s recent shift towards cryptocurrency, particularly the TON blockchain, marked a significant milestone with the introduction of TON payments for advertisers and content creators on its platform. This development has ignited a flurry of activity on the TON Blockchain, which has now become the primary hub for Telegram’s social media advertising ecosystem.

The rollout saw an impressive activation of 156,000 TON wallets on a single day, doubling the network’s previous onboarding record. This early success indicates that Telegram’s experiment with crypto is gaining traction, establishing a circular economy for TON. Advertisers now pay for campaigns in TON, with revenue evenly split between content creators and Telegram.

The integration of the ad platform with TON is expected to drive adoption, as noted by Alex Cassasovici, CEO of Azarus. Anticipation of the ad program has significantly boosted TON’s value, climbing by 150% since the announcement. Telegram stands to benefit financially, potentially generating revenue from hosting tailored ads for its vast user base.

Previously, the high entry cost for advertising on Telegram led small-time advertisers to agencies. However, the transition to TON, a cryptocurrency facilitating instant global transactions with minimal fees, is poised to reclaim this business. Telegram channel operators will receive 50% of ad revenue under the new program, emphasizing the company’s commitment to content creators.

Telegram’s pivot towards TON payments reflects a broader shift in social media dynamics, where companies are increasingly responsible for rewarding content creators. While ad buying is immediate, content creators will have to wait until late May to withdraw TON payments.

Despite regulatory challenges faced in the past, Telegram’s embrace of TON payments aligns with its vision for a decentralized ecosystem. To address concerns about concentration of TON, Telegram plans to limit its share to approximately 10% and sell surplus holdings to long-term investors at a discount, stabilizing the ecosystem.

Overall, Telegram’s adoption of TON payments marks a significant step towards realizing its crypto vision, driving growth in the TON blockchain ecosystem and reshaping the landscape of social media advertising.

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