Our NFTs

1.2 Labs is launching its own NFT collection, and related metaverse: Kaze!

The Kaze Collection is a metaverse centered on the “Winds” of change in the tech space (“Kaze” means “wind” in Japanese)...

  • Art Style: Anime x Cyberpunk x Cinematic
  • The initial collection is 2000 profile pictures (PFPs)
  • Planned are 5 total collections, one of which will be cannabis themed for (4/20).
  • There might be an “OG” collection with AI LoRAs for each holder too.

What is the Kaze Metaverse?

The Kaze metaverse is a meditation on a dystopia affected by the confluence of Artificial Intelligence and market forces.

By 2027, six large firms have created general artificial intelligence and, in the subsequent years, amassed enough power to replace the role of sovereign nation stations in many of their traditional capacities.

In the name of greater liberty, the six unbundle rights to, among other items, healthcare, police protection, an independent judiciary, public education, even travel through open road systems.

Citizens must “subscribe” to gain access to these “benefits” if they are not directly employed by the Six.

Because the AIs are so powerful, their developers ended attempts to accommodate further AI interfaces with unaugmented, "natural" humans. 

Through some luck, scientists discovered that strands of cannabis could be augmented to enable humans to “synchronize” with AI thinking for specific tasks.

One form reduced the symptoms of post-traumatic stress for warfare activities. Another enhanced corporate research. A third, facilitated concentration for medical interventions. A fourth was deemed suitable for everyday enjoyment.

Not everyone supports this scheme. The “Mirage” members are those who, to some degree, have chosen to fight against impossible odds. The rebels of our world, they often live among the other classes unnoticed, yearning for a return to the times when humans directed their fates.

NFT Utility

The Kaze metaverse consists, in its initial vision, of a collection of 2000 profile picture NFTs.

With each further collection, more of the metaverse lore will be revealed - as told each time by an unreliable narrator. 

The utility provided to holders is as follows:

  • For all:
    • IP to the NFT.
    • Token Gated Membership on Discord
    • Alpha Rider Reports
  • For non-US citizens: 
    • Lifetime access to data from the Crypto Maxi algo - delivered through the Nosis Platform (this would normally cost $120/month)

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