Kraken Faces Extortion Attempt After Security Breach

Kraken, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, recently faced a security incident involving a vulnerability discovered by a group of researchers. Initially reported through Kraken’s bug bounty program on June 9, the flaw allowed potential exploitation where users could inflate their account balances by manipulating deposit processes. Nick Percoco, Kraken’s chief security officer, confirmed that the issue was swiftly addressed without impacting user funds.

However, the situation took a troubling turn when the researchers allegedly engaged in fraudulent activity. Instead of adhering to standard bug bounty protocol—where vulnerabilities are reported, exploited minimally for proof, assets returned, and detailed vulnerability disclosure provided—the researchers reportedly withdrew nearly $3 million from Kraken’s treasury. This unauthorized withdrawal was distinct from client funds, as Percoco emphasized.

Kraken’s security team became suspicious when the researchers refused to disclose details of their activities and demanded a meeting with Kraken’s business development team, akin to a negotiation. They also insisted on knowing the potential financial impact if they hadn’t reported the vulnerability, which Percoco labeled as extortion rather than legitimate security research.

Bug bounty programs are widely used across industries like cryptocurrency to proactively identify and fix vulnerabilities before malicious actors exploit them. These programs typically involve inviting external “white hat” hackers to find flaws, following specific guidelines to qualify for a reward. Coinbase, a competitor of Kraken, operates a similar program.

In response to this incident, Kraken clarified that the researchers involved did not adhere to the program’s rules, hence they will not receive the bounty originally offered in good faith. Kraken is now collaborating with law enforcement to recover the misappropriated assets.

This incident underscores the challenges in managing bug bounty programs and highlights the importance of clear rules and ethical guidelines for researchers participating in such initiatives. For Kraken, the focus remains on strengthening their security measures and ensuring that vulnerabilities are responsibly disclosed and addressed.

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