Cryptocurrency, Bubbles, And Financial Freedom: Some Perspective On Where We Are Now

January 26, 2023

Hello Bubble Riders!

What to make of the emergence of crypto: from the first headlines of Bitcoin in 2018, to the near $3T industry market cap at the end of 2021, to the scary meltdowns of 2022… why do we care?

Image from TradingView: 1 month intervals from 2016 to Jan 2023 of cryptocurrency market capitalization.

We will likely see more regulation from this past year’s growing pains, but there is a lot to be hopeful for! Three points to consider:

  • Bubbles are to shift our position in life: To become wealthy one must already be wealthy or else be very lucky with a lot of hard work. Bubbles are catalysts to speed up that process.
  • Cryptocurrency is the vehicle: volatility is the weakness turned into a strength. Volatility isn’t attractive if you are looking to maintain your wealth. But to those looking to make decent gains on little money, volatility acts as a catapult.
  • Regulation is to protect people: Bad actors are everywhere and even honest mistakes can hurt people. Regulation aims to minimize these risks and provide enforceable organization. If done well, regulation could be really helpful.

Our mission at The Art of The Bubble is to teach the skill of riding bubbles to move one’s position in life upwards. The goal is financial freedom using a strategy other than intergenerational wealth. The past few years show the relevance of these three points: risks are real, but there is a reliable way to grow your wealth with Decentralized Finance. 

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