Bit of History: ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign Auction

Christian Langalis, renowned for his attention-grabbing stunt during Janet Yellen’s televised Congressional testimony in July 2017, where he held up a “Buy Bitcoin” sign, has now decided to auction off this significant piece of Bitcoin history. The sign, sketched on a yellow legal pad with a Uniball Vision pen, will be listed for bidding on Scarce City, an online marketplace exclusively accepting Bitcoin. Proceeds from the auction will be directed towards supporting Tirrel Corp, Langalis’s startup endeavor focused on implementing Bitcoin’s layer-2 Lightning network atop Urbit, an open-source internet computing project.

Although Langalis refrains from speculating on the sign’s potential value, he disclosed a private offer of five BTC, translating to approximately $350,000 at recent market prices. The auction is scheduled to commence on April 18 and will run for a week in Scarce City. Additionally, final bids will be accepted in person on April 24 at PubKey, a Bitcoin-themed bar located in New York, adding a communal aspect to the event and celebrating with the cryptocurrency community.

Langalis’s presence behind Yellen, advocating for bitcoin, attracted widespread attention, significantly influencing the narrative surrounding the cryptocurrency. Despite the social media buzz generated by the image at the time, Langalis remained unaware of its viral spread due to his phone being dead during the incident.

Despite the attention garnered by his bold move, Langalis was escorted out of the hearing for breaching committee rules. Nonetheless, the incident further fueled discussions about bitcoin’s potential impact and its growing acceptance in mainstream circles. Langalis’s decision to auction the sign underscores the evolving relationship between digital currencies and broader recognition, highlighting the increasing influence and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in contemporary society.

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