About Us

Welcome to 1.2 Labs, the forefront of AI trading and investment data.

As a pioneer in the financial data landscape, we are dedicated to providing actionable insights tailored for both novice and seasoned investors, ensuring they navigate the financial markets with unparalleled precision and confidence.


Established in 2017 by Dr. Sebastian Purcell and Dr. Elyse Purcell, 1.2 Labs was born out of a vision to democratize the tools that were once exclusive to hedge fund managers.

Our journey has been one of commitment, innovation, and unwavering dedication to leveling the playing field in the world of trading.

Dr. Sebastian Purcell

Dr. Elyse Purcell

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to democratize access to the sophisticated tools of hedge fund managers, empowering every investor with the insights and data previously reserved for the elite."

Why "1.2"?

The British economist John Maynard Keynes famously likened the art of selecting stocks to a unique type of beauty contest prevalent in the 1930s...

In this contest, a newspaper would publish 100 photographs of faces, and the participants had to choose the 6 faces they thought would be selected as the most beautiful by the majority.

In such competitions, the actual beauty of a face is less important than the perceived beauty by others. This concept mirrors the process of selecting stocks or cryptocurrencies, where the key factor is the potential for growth as perceived by the market.

Participants with no defined strategy might be termed as Level 0 players. Those at Level 1 adjust their strategies based on the actions of Level 0 players, while Level 2 players try to outguess the Level 1 players, and so on.

Financial researchers have explored whether there exists an optimal combination of these strategies through simulations. Their findings indicate that a hybrid strategy, approximately at Level 1.2, is most effective.

This is the approach we strive to employ, aiming for an optimal level of sophistication in investment strategies suitable for evolving markets.

Our Legacy:

1.2 Labs is not just a standalone entity; it aligns seamlessly with our sister firm, 1.2 Capital Management, a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund.

As the co-founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of 1.2 Capital Management, Dr. Sebastian Purcell is not just offering tools; he is literally democratizing the very tools he uses at the hedge fund level. 

While the hedge fund operates on different time scales, the essence of the data remains consistent, ensuring retail traders access the same caliber of information.


Dr. Sebastian Purcell's dedication to financial education and empowerment is evident in his remarkable achievements.

With over 41 million views across various social media platforms for his educational materials on trading, he has become a beacon of knowledge.

His insights and expertise have been featured in esteemed publications including Time Magazine, Business Insider, and Finbold.

Furthermore, he has been invited to share his knowledge at over 100 talks, presenting at Princeton University, Columbia University, and McGill University among many others.


At the heart of 1.2 Labs are the principles of Integrity, Precision, and Democratization.

We believe in not just offering data but in providing a gateway to success for every trader and investor.

Unique Selling Proposition:

Our offerings are not mere tools; they are the embodiment of our vision.

With data for strategies that have consistently surged beyond their benchmarks, we are perhaps the only shop delivering the tools of a literal hedge fund to retail investors.

What do do now?

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